Special Events Not Counting For Event Completion Milestones?

dkatryldkatryl Posts: 673 ★★★
As the subject states, it was bad enough this month's danger rooms cost so much energy every day, (18 per run), as well as the uncanny rooms being gated by the keys AND 18 energy per.

But on top of that, they dont even seem to contribite points towards milestones for either the 22h solo event completion or the 72hr alliance event conpletion.

I cant be the only one that, by this time of the month, has already 100% UC, master, and heroic, but am still doing danger rooms. So isnt it odd they dont contribute?


  • mort_07mort_07 Posts: 282
    Is normal. Not all Events with points.
    Best for this is basic 4 Event with 2000 points / round.
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