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Active looking for active alliance with AW/AQ and actual participation

Pretty simple. I am an active player and will be in the game when I can. Usually many times an hour and many hours a day. Right now the alliance I am in struggles to fill AQ and AW. Right now AQ3 has 3 players after 14 hours, and that is just how it is. AW usually has around 6-8 per group. I am done wasting my time and resources for an alliance that does not care to actually advance.

Yes I have a full time job, and some days I may not be as active as possible. Yet I will be in the game at some point during that day. I do not expect to pay 100k in donations. No I am not the best but also not the worst. Not looking for a new alliance, not looking for officer position, and not looking for handouts.


  • Sent you a friend request. My line id is frogchef1(EST)
  • johara84johara84 Posts: 145
    edited October 2019
    Line ID?
  • MaxxtronMaxxtron Posts: 29
    Look up [Lufc5] Leeds Ltd. Glad to have you.
  • NesheckNesheck Posts: 50
    Our alliance is very active and we do war and quest. Quest is usually maps 4 but we do 5s when resources are in our treasury. We're a close knit group and are focused on growth. Were 10 mil + silver 2 and are just over a month old as a new alliance of players that have been together for years.
    We started our own due to lack of communication and participation in our last ally. We use Line and have seperate chats for our 3 Q/W groups. Q&W groups are the same. If your in group 1 its for both, etc We hit 750k in summoner adv this past round and had over 650k in points from last quest season.

    Look me up in game and Line as Nesheck. Our alliance is Derivative.

    Id like to discuss building together.
  • Capn_DanteCapn_Dante Posts: 502 ★★
    Message me on line capn_dante

    We're gold 3 but should be gold 2 next season as we just replaced a few guys who were less active and have one spot left.

    AQ is map 4 in one bg, mix of 4 and 5 in the other, all 5 in the third (the open spot is in the map 4 bg but ideally we would like to get all to map 5)

    No donatations required but we do occasionally (not often) ask for people to donate what they can and tend to have good results.

    Over 500k every week in SA
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 5,443 ★★★★★
    Our alliance is AQ-focused, running three BGs mostly map 4 (84 million score last round). AW is optional, and we run one BG currently that's targeting Silver 1. We are relaxed, fun, and helpful. [1Dos3]We are Gladiators.

    On line, my ID is colcorndog. Our ally uses Telegram (@cwhitworth). In game I am Col. Corndog.

    Look me up if you are interested.
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