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How do I use Venom The Duck?

Just pulled a 4* version and need some tips on how to use him


  • jnikolas92jnikolas92 Posts: 192 ★★★
    edited October 2019
    theres 6 different buffs. he gets 1 at random every x seconds for x seconds. while the buff is active, you can "store" it in the bank by firing of a heavy or sp1/2. you can store 3 of these at fight. all stored buffs activate at the start of the fight, and right after sp3. rng dependant, but you can customize him any way you like depending on the quest/path. synergies can help give you more survivability based buffs or offense based buffs.
  • LaVarBBBLaVarBBB Posts: 81
    VTD is great because he doesn’t need the dupe. VTD has an aberration buff which builds to 100. Once it hits 100, there are 6 unique buffs which trigger temporarily where you can launch a special 1/2 or heavy to store in the RNA bank. You can only store 3 per fight, and carry over each fight permanently to a cap of 10 aberration buffs. You can retrigger these buffs using a special 3. Btw the potency of these buffs slowly decrease the more of the same buffs you have.He’s basically a super versatile champ where you can make your own unique build for him, whether it be pure offence or defensive capabilities. He can also degen champs who are immune to the bleed debuff he places on opponents.
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