Bring back rank downs!!

I really want the rank downs to be brought back for a limited time. It's been a while since they were an option, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to do some rearranging to my all-star team if you know what I mean.


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    It would be wonderful, I look forward to it. I hope you come.
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    fabi0200fabi0200 Posts: 32
    that will be impossible They will never give it like that they want you to spend not give you easy way to rank up better champ.....
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    mdsubmdsub Posts: 180
    It would be useful given what it takes to rank up 5 stars & the fact that 6 stars are coming soon.
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    username92847username92847 Posts: 292
    edited August 2017
    I have been an avid supporter for RDTs but now, I dont think we'll see em anymore.

    I mean, with announcement of 6*s coming soon, what's everyone gonna do?...

    They're gonna derank all 4* 5/50s for the prescious resources, knowing it will probably require a ton of stuff to rank those 6*s.

    & That fuels the "4*s are dead" argument. ... & i dont think kabam will endorse that.

    Although, in the past, many times over, kabam has demonstrated how greedy they can be (& of course, kabam knows everyone ranked undup 5*s, thinking even undup, they'd be at the top of the food chain) so, i wouldnt he surpised to see 5*s RDTs pop up for hard cash sales, for unreasonable prices.

    -dont like the truth kabam?
    Yeah well, ya know what's the BEST indicator of future behavior??
    ....past behavior.
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    1haunted_memory1haunted_memory Posts: 804 ★★★
    Yes I agree but sadly no they're not coming back
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    DefJ123DefJ123 Posts: 54
    Kabam I will send bobs and vagene pic for rank down ticket
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    Run477Run477 Posts: 1,391 ★★★
    I actually do not want rdts to come back. The people who clamor for them are typically the ones that wasted their t2as to rank up crappy 5* champs so they could get better prestige quick and thus leapfrog to better aq rewards. Then, low and behold, those champs aren't good and they want to undo them after they get more rewards through aq and some better champs. I'm not saying anyone on this thread has done that, but I see it a lot. I get that it might be exciting to rank 4 a 5* duped winter soldier bc he's a 5*...but you also should have planned ahead for when you realize winter soldier sucks and those t2as are rare. I could r4 my duped hulkbuster or duped magneto but...they are duped hulkbuster and duped magneto so that won't happen...ever...

    I think the better way would be to make t2as a little more common now that rank 5 5*s are going to be available and 6*s are coming, which is likely what we will see occur.
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