Fantastic and Doom Invasions! (Updated Nov 4th)



  • CatapoulpeCatapoulpe Posts: 46

    I'm starting to be fed up of those really boring events. Rewards are not really exciting, energy and time cost are high. You need to do something Kabam, or I bet a lot of players are gonna quit.

    Triple the rewards. Maybe not the sig stones, but all the other rewards should be like tripled.
    Yes only the sig stones are good
  • To nem aí pra isso aí quero saber que ideia furada e essa de tira um direito que eu pensava ser nosso de poder escolher um sucessor na liderança da sua própria aliança e vem a kabam e tira esse direto lhe rebaixando e colocando outro membro ou um dos oficiais isso não existe e um absurdo!!
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    If nothing else, these events incorporate some interesting concepts.
    I could see Kabam making a more interesting version with a 3-month event where, each week, players choose between rewards focusing on either champion acquisition or champion growth. This would allow players to tailor their rewards more towards what they personally need.

    Sure the rewards aren't anything to rave about, but hey I like how Kabam is trying out new ideas.
  • Mathking13Mathking13 Posts: 877 ★★★

    I'm starting to be fed up of those really boring events. Rewards are not really exciting, energy and time cost are high. You need to do something Kabam, or I bet a lot of players are gonna quit.

    yeah 21 energy per difficult is a 'high energy cost'... *sigh*
  • SlimSteinySlimSteiny Posts: 7

    I have a question I only have 2 of The beacon will there be a way to the other one if forget to get the third beacon thanks again appreciate it

    I don't believe so.
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    What sort of buffs will they have, like normal 100% health/attack or power gain/biohazard??
  • Hector_1475Hector_1475 Posts: 615 ★★★
    edited October 2019
    I find a little bit disappointing the fact that the sides you can find on alternate. I would much prefer to stick with Dr.Doom (upgrading materials) side each day and I am sure others would prefer to run daily the Mr. Fantastic (shards) side, because we all have different needs for our accounts.

    Plus, the mention of buffs on the defenders makes me think that this will not be an "easy" event.

    Oh, well. I guess I am picking the difficulty I am comfortable with and just get the rewards I am given.
  • jeffgmngjeffgmng Posts: 115
    A l p h a said:

    An entire year of introducing the fantastic 4 and building up the hype...finally releasing the final member and easily the one of the most popular marvel villians in doctor doom... and this is what we get, im sorry but this is extremely underwhelming. I miss the events like the trials of the king where it was just 3 to 6 fights where you got some really decent rewards and it was actually worth the time invested... more recently events have been getting longer and considerably more boring, and the rewards do not weigh up to the effort AT ALL.

    I was really looking forward to this month, it sounded so good on paper, but this has really disappointed alot of the MCOC community

    Abso bloody lutely. They just missed a great opportunity of introducing the last member of fantastic 4 and doctor doom with flying colors.

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    MCOC Team said:


    The final member of the Fantastic Four has been found trapped in a prison constructed by their greatest Enemy! Now, it’s time for you to fight alongside them in Fantastic Invasions and Doom Invasions!


    On alternating days, you’ll be able to participate in either FANTASTIC INVASIONS or DOOM INVASIONS. These Quests will face you off against Villain, Hero, and Mercenary Champions on behalf of two of the greatest minds in The Battlerealm, Reed Richards and Doctor Doom!

    Fantastic Invasions will reward Crystal Shards to help you expand your team of friends, while Doom Invasions will reward Catalysts and Fragments to make your Champions know true power!

    Switch Sides Every Day!

    These quests exist in 2 Variations that are available for 24 hours at a time, and alternate daily.

    During Fantastic Assignments, you’ll challenge the Villains that aim to destroy our Heroic Champions! During Doom Assignments, you’ll stop at nothing to conquer the so-called “Heroes” that stand in the way of the Villains of the Battlerealm!

    These quests each consist of 3 paths of 7 nodes each (1 energy per step), with 5 fights per path (including the Boss). There are 4 difficulties for Summoners to explore: Normal, Heroic, Master, and Epic!

    Watch out, Summoner! These Champions each have special Buffs to increase the Difficulty of the encounter!


    Prepare to help Doctor Doom and Mister Fantastic thwart their enemies!

    This event will be active from November 6th - December 4th! You must update to version 25.0 to be able to see or participate in this event!

    Don’t forget to check out our post on the Fantastic Family Community Milestones, and the Fantastic Family and Foes Solo Objectives! Find that here!

    No Alpha1 included in normal oder heroic 😅🤷‍♂️ makes absolutely nooo sense
  • BogiaBogia Posts: 124

    arsjum said:

    Now those are some decent rewards. 3x 5* sig stone crystals per day? heck yes.

    Every other day :smile:
    "These quests exist in 2 Variations that are available for 24 hours at a time, and alternate daily." Unless its a typo, it sounds daily to me? or maybe we can get some clarification
    Only one will be available each day. Fantastic, Doom, Fantastic, Doom, Etc.
    There is some confusion about choosing a side only being able to participate every other day.

    For example, "choose" Doom, then your play schedule would look like:
    Day 1 Doom: Play
    Day 2: Fantastic: Don't play
    Day 3 Doom: Play...

    Some of us interpreted it to mean:
    Day 1 Doom: Everybody plays
    Day 2: Fantastic: Everybody plays
    Day 3 Doom: Everybody plays...

  • TheTalentsTheTalents Posts: 1,268 ★★★★
    I think Kabam needs to make a proper assessment of the state of the game and analyze what type of rewards will excite us. We're in a period due to glory and map 6&7 rewards where we have an abundance of rank up materials. People need more 5 stars at this point and events should make multiple ones accessible. We also need sig stones, and an amount of 6 stars/t5 basic shards that can make an impact.

    We need 5 stars to become what 4 stars was when we first got access to t5 basics to r5 champions. I think that will close the gap that players are craving for.
  • TehsigzorzTehsigzorz Posts: 1,215 ★★★★
    I dont understand this. Will we be getting 15 days of rewards for each combined? (That means will I get a 5 star crystal as well as a T2alpha or only one of them?)
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