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EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★
I’m on 5.1.3. I don’t know many counters for buffet. I’m okay at intercepting. I use maxed 4 star sparky (sig 51), maxed blade (sig 36) maxed archangel (sig 36), maxed magik(sig 71) and darkhawk(2/35 or venom (4/40 sig 40)
Any tips?


  • Pool5555Pool5555 Posts: 63
    Parry, heavy with archangel, easy game easy life.
    Majik sp2 spam works well as well.
    Buffet activities everytime your champion activates a buff which includes dexterity so i would suggest to block special attacks. (So don't bring venom bad idea)

    Take the spiderman path, then port to B and do the fights to get to joe fixit that's the easiest path. Use boosts. And most of the champions in that path don't deal too much blk dmg. Buffet is easy is context to masochism

    Post your roster if you have further queries
  • EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★
    Ok I cleared 5.2.3 and 5.2.4
    Any tips for Bane?
  • EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★

  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,596 ★★★★★
    Watch a video guide for bane, that’s the best option
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