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Rank 2 6* Guillotine 2099 or Rank 5 5* Aegon ?

Will be taking a break from alliance due to real life commitments after this war season.

Aegon (sig around 40), used an awakening gem and r3-r4 gem on him....

Was lucky enough to have both champs, maybe 100% LOL, or Variant 3 and do some Act 6 in this window.

Question is I only have enough T5B to rank up one of them...

I am leaning towards to 6*.... she is more useful outside LOL (I guess)

Anyone has data on who is better in LOL?


  • Legendary_PoeyLegendary_Poey Posts: 209
    Ægon is an amazing champ in pretty much every game mode. His sig does need to be high for content other than LoL though. Gulli is also an insane champ, but I would say do Ægon first then maybe with the resources he helps you get take gulli up.
  • Diksh619Diksh619 Posts: 228 ★★
    Aegon hands down as hit combo once you reach 999 never is an issue and he has far more utility like being unblockable and also he can't be evaded if he blocks your block
    Also he reduces the ability accuracy so fights like black widow, magik, wolverine are super easy and one shot possible!
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