Doom’s Synergy, Why So Stingy?

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Every synergy Doctor Doom has, except for one, is a solo synergy. But why? It makes the character worse than he otherwise would be. Let’s take a look at the Enhanced Forcefield Synergy...

MODOK and Red Skull would LOVE a 15% chance to Perfect Block, as they’re both made to purposely block attacks; MODOK’s awakened ability allows him to trigger one of many effects (based on class type) while Red Skull burns his opponent’s power on block. It would seem that this synergy was intentionally made for these characters to use but somehow, perhaps at the last minute, it was taken away to promote a theme of self interest for Doctor Doom. But that theme of self interest is broken by his Nemesis Synergy with the Fantastic 4...

Why on earth, if Doom is so selfish, would he share an attack boost with not only his arch nemeses but every other member of the team and in turn give MODOK and Red Skull the cold shoulder in regards to their synergy. This does not make sense. There is a fine line between selfish and stupid. Doctor Doom is smart enough to share his synergies with the right benefactor and I hope they allow him to do so in a future update.

So how do you feel about Doom’s synergy? Feel free to discuss it below.


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    I kind of agree. Annihilus I think Annihilus is also like this and Mysterio... I get that doom is a bit of a selfish conceited prude so him having a synergy with himself is fine, but he's collaborated with other villains numerous times in comics including Sinister 6 etc so to have him only having solo synergies (except with his sworn enemies) is boring and not true to character.
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    Doom has always respected the FF4. He hates them and wants to kill them but also wont let anyone else kill them. (hence sharing his attack bonus)
  • NiteAndDaeNiteAndDae Posts: 652 ★★★
    Doom doesn't share power. Even teaming up with others, his focus would be on the end game and how he would ultimately win. He is purely focused on himself alone, so this actually makes perfect sense to me. Reed should be the logical opposite and make everyone around him better. They are two competing philosophies.
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    Because DR. DOOM answers to no one.
  • TehsigzorzTehsigzorz Posts: 1,215 ★★★★
    'doom doesnt like to share'
    Also doom: 'shares his attack bonus with all his enemies'
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    Doom is so selfish because he is Doom. He wants to get revenge on people that caused his experiment to fail. He didn't listen to Reed, so it really is Dooms fault
    I hate solo synergies in general. I loved it when synergies would make older champs great because it gave you a reason to actually run them on a team. But now it's like I have a solo synergy with a champ that's bad 1 person gets a benefit making the other one shiny dead weight.
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    Sharing is caring.

    Doom does not care.

    Doom cares but does not allow for it to become a weakness. It’s an important nuance that makes him a sympathetic villain in many ways. A well written villain should often have valid reason to see themselves as the hero and, as the benevolent leader of Latveria, he is loved by and loves his people. His duty to them and by extension himself is paramount. At least that’s how I like to read the character.
    This is actually one of the things that makes him my Favorite Villain
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