We need more shock immune champions

I feel like there aren't very many shock immune champions in the game and we need more the only shock immune in the game are Korg, thing, and DD. However when it comes to poison immune we have tons of champs. Like hyperion, Medusa, OR, BB, animation, hulk, gladiator hulk, every robot champ. Mephisto, and the list goes on and on, please add more shock immune champions to the game.


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    EthanGamerEthanGamer Posts: 357
    Electro is shock immune. Corvus is shock immune. Not many characters inflict shock. The only mode that really inflicts a lot of shock is emp modification. There are many shock resistant champs. If Thor, Thor Rag, Thor Jane Foster, and Storm. Nebula can purify 3 shocks a fight and and gains 5 electrostatic charges from each. I assume when you said animation it was autocorrect from abomination.
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    Ghostspider231Ghostspider231 Posts: 298 ★★★
    edited November 2019
    Korg, electro, thing, corvus are immune to shock; AV, Ghost, and KP can shrug it off
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    DOA40DOA40 Posts: 94
    Um, Thing is NOT Shock Immune. Fighting Doctor Doom and he took massive amounts of Shock debuffs from him. Shock is apparently part of his kit, so this is a serious bug that needs to be addressed.
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