Build your own symbiod?

Just an idea: what if the symbiods were to be added as a playable character where you could unlock various skills, abilities, and special moves?

You would only have one symbiod, and using a Mastery-like tree/points system, you could build up a champ of your liking. One tree for passive abilities, one for specials, and one for active abilities. You could then rebuild/reset the build as much as you wanted based on your needs. With a limited amount of points to spend across your skill trees, your build would never be god-tier but you could set it up to best suit your own fighting style. As you rank it up, more points (and skills) are unlocked. Maybe even limit the available skills to the champs you have in your roster (can't add Wolvie's regen if you don't have him).

Some suggested limitations:
- No team synergies
- No class advantage/disadvantage
- Low Prestige
- Not all abilities or specials available and the ones available would be a nerfed version of the elite (i.e. regen would be 80% of Wolvie). If you want the full skill, you'll still need the original champ.
- Skills are locked for the duration of the quest/war they're in


  • AmonthirAmonthir Posts: 682
    So, a Symbioid with Limbo and Hype's PG? SM or NC evade with Spark's Poise charges? =P Would be fun to mess with, but yes, they have their hands full right now with the War changes, bugs, etc.
  • gohard123gohard123 Posts: 668
    Golden symbioid with dormammu sig
  • I like this idea, but I would make this champ ineligible for Alliance War use.
  • SummonerB2SummonerB2 Posts: 556
    I like this idea, but I would make this champ ineligible for Alliance War use.

    A war with symboids? Nah
  • WtdudeWtdude Posts: 8
    This would be the epitome of whale milking. #MilktheWhales
  • PhantomPhantom Posts: 228
    Great idea for offense. I see some people complaining about seeing them in defense, but Adaptoids don't have SP3s. I'd be happy to see them in War.
  • Dr_ARCHerDr_ARCHer Posts: 122
    Wouldn't this be like a gear system? Cap's shield for PB, Thor's hammer for armour (British spelling :) ) break, Hawkeye's bow+arrows for bleed/power drain etc.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 13,201
    SummonerB2 wrote: »
    Lol a symboid with limbo.

  • MoiraD wrote: »
    This would also be good for beginning players. Say you needed a bleed champ for questing or low level AQ, you could make one.

    I'd also like to see them count as a certain Champion. For instance if you don't have a Collosus you can't 100% Act 4.

    One of those golden symbiodes immune to debuffs with soul leech? Tell me how that's fair
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 1,397
    edited August 2017
    I could get on board with this, make the upgrades part of the masteries, applicable only to the sym/adaptoid and it comes out of your mastery total.

    As long as the selected skills don't result in OP, that is the hard part, a custom build should never be close to god tier, just a means to help out a roster.

    For example, bleed/poison immune but not both, high/low health/attack/armor but not all etc.

    And when its built it stays that way for a certain time period, no chopping and changing to suit each fight.
  • FronoxFronox Posts: 4
    What if they made adaptoids playable characters. Their icon would be that universal class maestro and collector have. When you use them in their first fight it's a random character but after that they copy the class specials and abilities of their previous fight. You'll need to awaken them for them to copy signature abilities. The strength of the character correspondsto how leveled up you have him. So if you used your 2/20 adaptoid to fight a 5/50 Gwenpool. During your next fight your adaptoid would have the abilities and speacials of a 2/20 Gwenpool. They don't copy nodes and can't copy Maestro or collector. They also can't be used in AW defense. They could even be a really rare character like Kang and Deadpool. I think this would be awesome. What's yalls thoughts?
  • R4GER4GE Posts: 1,505
    I could almost get on board with something along these lines. But probably only being able to be used in story quests. Could see some war issues that could turn the whole idea south once community members started fighting someones created champ
  • Putting a symbioid on an all or nothing node lol how would that turn out
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