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How Dare You Give Namor a Higher Prestige Than Goldpool?



  • NitoNito Posts: 68

    Kabam is looking for their next cash cow, which is Namor. Are you so new you don’t know how this game works?

    Goldpool is more than a Cash Cow; he is a Golden Goose! Surely you wouldn’t milk a goose the same way as a cow.
    Oh yeah, you can milk anything with nipples.
  • Skillful_starSkillful_star Posts: 724 ★★★

    I thought you said:

    It is much more difficult and costly to get a 5* Goldpool, as he’s only available in the Goldpool Crystal; he is entirely unique in this regard.

    How can he both have a higher chance to be pulled relative to the units spent, and also more costly to get? That seems contradictory.

    My recollection is that the Goldpool crystals had a one in a thousand chance to drop Goldpool, and they cost 20 units. So statistically, it costs 20,000 units to get him in the crystals on average.

    If you're going after a specific recent 5* champ you have a couple of options. You can go for them in the featured Cavalier first run, where there's a 0.5% chance of getting them per 300 unit crystal, and then on the second run where there is a 1.2% chance of getting them. There's also a 0.1% chance of pulling as a 6* in the first run and a 0.3% chance of pulling as a 6* the second time, so if we combine those odds there's a 0.6% chance in initial release and then 1.5% chance in the second run to get the champ as a 5* or higher. That implies about 50,000 units on average to get the champ in first run and 20,000 units to get the champ in the second run. I believe trying for them in fGMCs is going to be more costly than in the Cavs.

    Then you can shoot for them in the 5* featured crystal. 15k shards per shot (11k discounted every two weeks with Sigil), one in twenty four chance to get a specific targeted champ. It is hard to place a unit value on that, but it is an average of 360,000 fragments (not counting the Sigil discount).

    But overall, I'd say that if you buy crystals a given featured champ costs about as much to get as Goldpool if you buy the last chance Cavalier crystals. Otherwise, it is much more expensive. If you shoot for the champ in the 5* featured crystal, the cost depends on how fast you can grind/buy shards. But this method is probably cheaper overall statistically, if you can get them that way at all.

    In any event, the revenue Kabam generates from people pursuing a champ probably starts off high and then drops off over time until it levels off at some lower value. It starts high because initially no one has him, so everyone willing and able to pursue him is going after him. But as people get him, the number of people still pursuing drops over time. But it doesn't drop to zero, because new players arrive all the time. Eventually the number of new people pursuing roughly equals the number of players acquiring and you reach steady state. Once this happens, newly introduced champs are likely to generate more revenue than older pursuit champs, because they will start off at a higher initial amount of pursuers (on average: different champs have different desirability).

    @DNA3000 like always dropping in with all the answers! Nicely done.
  • GD-DEV3LGD-DEV3L Posts: 76
    edited November 2019
    I won goldpool 4 times the first time he was offered...... the second time or third I can't remember how many times he has been up now I couldnt pull one to save my life glad I got him the 1st offer 4 times...... seemed like the drop rate was better then after that it was like trying to catch a unicorn lol
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