9k prestige boss killer LF new home. Maybe?

Show me what you got. Here’s my piece:


  • DaBillsDaBills Posts: 545
    You looking to slow down the grind or speed it up? Sweet profile. We are running 544. Silver 1. But we are active and play well. 😁. In game and line the same DaBills.
  • StyleztaStylezta Posts: 1
    edited November 2019
    Love to have ya in our third bg. We run map5x5 high prestige gold 2 atm. Heading to gold 1. Hit me up on line. Line id: stylezta
  • Nw3030Nw3030 Posts: 112
    We run two groups 6x5 and 1 group 5x5. We are g2 war. HMU on line @wise3030 if your interested
  • StauntonStaunton Posts: 1,497
    My line id is staunton2019
    I run a 65555 and plat4 ally
    If you're from UK/Europe ping me
  • PleasureDomePleasureDome Posts: 80
    Hey we run Map 6x5 all 3 bg. War is optional and run 2 bg, AQ is more important to us. Hit me up on line if you're still looking, Line ID is pleasuredome
  • Dibley3087Dibley3087 Posts: 129
    Gold2, run AQ 6555 assigned bgs. We run 3 bg’s AQ and Aw. At the end of the day all we want you to do is contribute as much as possible and kick ass. If interested my line is dibley3087
    Ally is: filthy animals
    Tag [HMLAN]
    Donations- 75k per week

    Map 556 1st 2 days then 555, map 6 for longer if we’re smashing it.

    What we want is good active players with great communication and team effort
  • Sorry guys, currently not using Line. Can handle most anything with minimal communication, as long as you give me direction beforehand.

    I’m sure that disqualifies me from a lot of alliances, but I’m former leader of ISO8X where we ran 6x5 for top 250 AQ and P3 War. Not quite looking for that, but I’d be content with 5x5 for 150+ million milestones and G2/G1 War.

    If you’re okay with not having Line, hit me up in-game at ButOfCorpse.

    Side note: my wife may be looking to come with me (another reason 5x5 is ideal), as she has 4 4/55 and 2 6* as her top champs (lower prestige) and about 28k T5B from first 5/65 (and 30% of Act 5 away from her second).
  • Eastern Standard USA zone.
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