**Attention Summoners**
Due to issues surrounding Defensive Tactics, points from the current matchup in Alliance Wars will be removed after the season.
War Rating will remain untouched.
We are reducing the minimum matchup cutoff from 5 to 4 for this season.
We will continue to monitor the impact of this decision.

Recruiting for 2 Alliances (NO LINE, DISCORD OR DONATION REQUIREMENTS) - All Players Are Welcome.

Need an Alliance? You have the option of 2, both of which DO NOT utilize Line or Discord and DOES NOT have Donation requirements. Play the game you love with those who also love the game.

Let's see where you fit best:

If your Hero Rating is 100K+, please join our Level Up [LVLUP] Alliance. We run Map 3+ in AQ and are hoping to reestablish a solid Battlegroup for AW. We are rebuilding our Alliance with the hope of returning back to 2 Battlegroups in AW and reclaiming the status of Silver or better. Help us reach our goal!
Leader: K.O!~2

If your Hero Rating is 40K+, please join our NewBeginnings4Us Alliance. We run AQ only. This Alliance will help you build up your champs while offering you tips and tricks and a chance to gain great rewards from experienced players.
Leader: All Pro 8420

If your Hero Rating is lower than 40K, still go ahead and request to join our NewBeginnings4US Alliance. We will make some exceptions but you MUST be active. 6 days of Inactivity will result in you being kicked.

If you have any questions, post here or message the leaders listed above. If you have any trouble joining the alliances listed, post your info here and your request to join will be submitted to the leaders and officers.



  • Saga_fpSaga_fp Posts: 81
    Update: The NewBeginnings4Us Alliance will run Maps in AQ contingent upon number of members joined. Please know that should you join and wish to run Map 5 or higher, this will require donations.
  • Saga_fpSaga_fp Posts: 81
    We still have open spots for both alliances. All are welcome!
  • Saga_fpSaga_fp Posts: 81
    Correction: LevelUp Alliance's tag is [PULVL]. Sorry for the mix up.
  • Saga_fpSaga_fp Posts: 81
    Still Recruiting. Any takers?
  • TigLilTigLil Posts: 2
    Interested in PULVL, need to stay with current alliance until after the last season's rewards are sent out (the 20th, supposedly)
  • Saga_fpSaga_fp Posts: 81
    Sounds Great TigLil! I'll inform the leader to keep an eye out for your request to join. Take Care.
  • Saga_fpSaga_fp Posts: 81
    Still Recruiting. Come one, come all.
  • Hello there. My Hero Rating is 120K+ and I'm interested in joining the Level Up Alliance. When is the best time to join having in mind my season rewards? Really interested, you have my username so feel free to hit me up in-game chat.
  • Saga_fpSaga_fp Posts: 81
    Hey YourFather121. You can join whenever you can. At this time we have several spots open seeing as we are rebuilding, but we would love to have you as part of our team. When you are ready and ofcourse when season rewards are given out, please put in the request to join. I'll advise the leader and officers to be on the lookout for you. I'll also check up with you IG as well in case you don't see this message. Happy Gaming regardless.
  • Saga_fpSaga_fp Posts: 81
    Still Recruiting.
  • Saga_fpSaga_fp Posts: 81
    We're Still Recruiting. All are Welcome.
  • Saga_fpSaga_fp Posts: 81
    [PULVL] LevelUp Alliance has 10 open spots atm. Any Takers.

    Also the NewBeginnings4Us Alliance has many open spots for those who are just starting out or returning back into the game. This is an AQ Only alliance. Come join us and build up your champs.
  • Join my alliance [£!777]
  • I need Active player
  • Saga_fpSaga_fp Posts: 81
    Wrong Place to post Sambarta, but I wish you luck with your recruitment for your Alliance. Should you try to post on this thread again, one tip would be to post you IG Name and/or the name of your alliance. The pound sterling symbol is neat but annoying when searching for Alliance tags. Just FYI.

    Our 2 Alliances, LevelUP [PULVL] and NewBeginnings4Us [NB4U£] is still recruiting. Interested, but have questions. Please message myself, Saga_fp or either of the 2 Alliance Leaders whose information I have listed. Happy Gaming!
  • Saga_fpSaga_fp Posts: 81
    We're Still Recruiting if you're interested

    We currently have 8 open spots for LevelUP [PULVL] Alliance {Currently Rebuilding}
    We currently have 22 open spots for NewBeginnings4Us [NB4U£] Alliance {Fairly New Alliance}

    Please message myself, Saga_fp or either of the 2 Alliance Leaders whose information I have listed above if you have any questions.
  • Saga_fpSaga_fp Posts: 81
    Still recruiting
  • Saga_fpSaga_fp Posts: 81
    Still need an Alliance? We are still recruiting!

    Newcomers are welcome to join.
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