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Looking for Map 6 AQ/ Gold AW alliance 🤙🏽

About me:
10400 prestige
Done with 99% of the story quests
10 R5s + 1 6*R2
24 6* w/ 4 dups
I love arena, AQ, & not too crazy w/ AW but will do it.
I’ll do map 6 AQ.
I’d like to join an established group. I don’t want to be a hero. Tap, tap, swipe, & I’m out.
I’d like an ally with a Top 500 in AQ
I’m dependable and looking to join an established/organized alliance when after AW rewards are given out.

Please leave your Line app info. I’ll get back to you if I’m interested (plat, gold, silver and what not...) 🙏


  • JustadudeJustadude Posts: 87

  • JustadudeJustadude Posts: 87

  • JustadudeJustadude Posts: 87

  • Clarkkent76Clarkkent76 Posts: 282

    We're currently top 700 AQ 66555 or 66655 and Plat 4 war. Have decided to step back from war next season and focus on hitting top 500 AQ, partly to save items and partly to not have to compete over the holiday season.

    Will probably run optional war with 1-2 battle groups depending on interest, or 3 groups with a no items rule.

    Good bunch of guys. Stable alliance, with many having been around for 2 years or more.

    I'm clarkkent6631 on Line, or clarkkent76 in game.

    Get in touch!
  • JustadudeJustadude Posts: 87
  • Hey I’m maskofgotham1 we are top 480 AQ, gold tier 1, think you’d be a good fit with us, check my post and add me on line app,
  • Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 257
    We are a top 250 map 6 alliance. P4 war comfortably. Well established. US based, hit me up on line at kaycg1 for details!
  • MissBellaMissBella Posts: 34
    edited November 2019
    Dm u
  • JustadudeJustadude Posts: 87
    Thanks. I’ll msg y’all in the next day
  • Plat 4 AQ TOP 110 maddycruise
  • PleasureDomePleasureDome Posts: 93
    Hey Mr. Dude,
    We run map 6x5 all 3 BG's and are not looking for a hero, just someone to fill in for someone retiring. Were top 350 AQ and dont put much stress on AW but still run it (Gold 2-3 depending on how little we care that season). Hit me up on line if you are still looking.
    Line ID: pleasuredome
  • SuperShiranSuperShiran Posts: 115
    Hi there!
    We're doing 66665 in all 3 bgs, top 400 alliance.
    We have 1 war bg, non-competitive, mostly for people who just needs loyalty.
    Highly organized, mostly US timezone.
    Message me on Line at SuperShiran if interested :)
  • BlueDevilsBlueDevils Posts: 18
    Hi, we’re looking for one for a well organized, established ally (been around since early 2016).

    We run 3 map 6 on non attack days; map 5 on attack days. Finish with 260-270m AQ scores for top 400. Wars are no/little item use and usually plat 4 finishes (surprised cutoff to season caught us at top of gold 1; previous season was top 20 plat 4 with virtually the same members).

    If interested, can find me on line as blue__devils (2 underscores). Ally tag is RDMRZ.
  • CosmicGazerCosmicGazer Posts: 27
    Hey Dude,

    Not sure if you have found a new home !

    We are part of the ISO family, full map 6 ( top 250-500 with no modifiers ) and GOLD 1 ( tier 4/5 in wars ).

    If your interested, I am available on LINE, CosmicGazer. Alliance TAG ( ISO8H )
  • Pascol1980Pascol1980 Posts: 62
    edited November 2019
    they hit me up omega2frost. we are top 250 aq map 66666. plat 3. will be great to have you I will donate battlechips and,gold for you in 3 weeks if you join us. ignore the other alliance tag VIW
  • ÉpicoÉpico Posts: 93
    Are you looking?
    Line : epico1
  • Chrisco66Chrisco66 Posts: 66
    HMU on line. Chrisco66
  • PicklechipsPicklechips Posts: 45
    We run 6x5 AQ rank top 250 (219 last week) and sitting in gold 2 trying to get back into gold 1 this season and striving for plat 4 next season. Hit me up on LINE if you’re interested.

    LINE ID: jremers
  • JustadudeJustadude Posts: 87
    Looking for after AW season . Pls leave Line app contact info
  • JustadudeJustadude Posts: 87
    edited February 2020
    Or Map 5 with top 800 placement. Prestige is around 10.5. I have 16 R5s and 34 6* with 3 at R2
  • JFortJFort Posts: 148
    My team does 6x5 with ease and gold 1 war, hit me up on Line at jfortner627.
  • KnightZeroKnightZero Posts: 1,412 ★★★★★
    We do AQ 6x5 and P4 AW. Message me on LINE: blackflash97
  • We are top 800 scoring 260-285 mil per round, mix of map 5/6 across all BGs. G2 this season looking to get back to G1 next but lower pressure war. Looking for good reliable replacements. LINE: Cowboy Neal
  • JustadudeJustadude Posts: 87
    Thanks.will get back to the postings above

  • OctoberstackOctoberstack Posts: 872 ★★★★
    We're consistently top 400 AQ with 350mil+ each week, running 6x5 across all BGs.

    AW is low pressure but we still like to win, currently ending the season at Gold 3.

    Mix of Europe/US timezones, well-established group of experienced players. If you think you might be a good fit, hit me up at octoberstack on Line!
  • Pascol1980Pascol1980 Posts: 62
    hey there. we are top 250 aq alliance. plat 4 aw, currently looking for you to join.
    line id omega2frost
  • KillaRaKillaRa Posts: 116
    Add me on Line.

  • B1gG4zB1gG4z Posts: 146
    We are running map 6 for 5 days. Alliance started 2 weeks ago, retired vets who have been together for a while. AW we will probably get to gold then coast at gold but AQ is the focus.
  • B1gG4zB1gG4z Posts: 146

  • SupervlinderSupervlinder Posts: 63
    We’re AQ top 90 / AW Gold1. Line ID Supervlinder
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