Mercenary Summoner Monthly Milestone [Merged]

LordNegrotronLordNegrotron Posts: 241
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Were the milestones for doing the specific fights supposed to end today? I swear there was more time to complete these but they’re just gone now. A few of my alliance members have reported the same thing...
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  • Same here still was unable to claim last reward and now it's gone
  • Crumb3307Crumb3307 Posts: 65
    Mines gone too, seems like these type of objectives have always gone til the end of the EQ, but I didn’t notice the end time on these ones.
  • BellaxBellax Posts: 10
    I don’t remember the mercenaries missions ending today. I remember it ending at the end of the month, or the same time the monthly event special ends too. I remember I had more time but now it’s gone? I’m kind of upset because I was only 3 fights away from getting the legendary crystal.
  • We're looking into this!
  • KiwimaleKiwimale Posts: 14
    I was completing final fight of mercenary event and was looking forward to getting tier 2 and legendary crystal and it just disappeared say all events been completed. Not happy!
  • Hey there, we pushed a fix for this so it should be visible for everyone again and should have retained your progress.
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