Ebony maw and cull obsidian rebalance

Has there been an announcement in when this will occurred? Or has it already occurred?


  • Woody_federWoody_feder Posts: 478 ★★
    Does anybody know??
  • They said they would release the changes this month...
  • They said they would release the changes this month...

    Did they? I thought all rebalancing changes were put on halt for now?
    Here it is under the news and announcements, I copied it for you and here is the paste:

    We're going to take some time to gather this information for all the champions from Annihilus to Invisible Woman, and then in December present all these changes to you in a forum post, and give you a chance to provide feedback before we release them into the game.
  • Uncle_Fatty_247Uncle_Fatty_247 Posts: 305 ★★
    Considering how long it took for the Colossus/OML revisions after it was first announced, I wouldn’t expect them to post what changes will be made and then fix them within the same month.

    So we don’t get our hopes up, let’s just say Early 2020 👍🏽...maybe
  • SamMarquezSamMarquez Posts: 131
    Yea we need an update from kabam for when these buffs go into effect.
  • Aomine_Daiki10Aomine_Daiki10 Posts: 824 ★★★
    Yea we need to know so people can know what to do with these champs
  • hope4tghope4tg Posts: 149
    Can't wait for the Ebony Maw buff myself. Although if the timings for the OML and Colossus buffs were any indication I would guess like mid February for them to hit the beta servers... lol...
  • ShadowstrikeShadowstrike Posts: 152
    They're officially on hold along with the rebalancing for Human Torch and Annihilus until further notice.
  • Zuko_ILCZuko_ILC Posts: 1,186 ★★★★
    Cull shouldn't be changed. Hes a huge ramp up and squishy. Hes pretty balanced in that aspect. Namor, Sunspot and Proxima all can match his damage output easily and stay in fights longer.
  • ChagaljChagalj Posts: 13
    My cull is on hold because of the nerf. And frankly, Im not sure Id rank him higher then r3 if he would stay as is. Too light on block profeceincy, impossible to ramp up when facing higher PI defenders. I vote for rebalancing - slightly less damage for slightly higher block profeceincy.
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