Ebony Maw buff date??

I know that you guys have decided the time for ebony maw buff. So could you please give a little bit of time frame. Like 1 month or two or three months later. He's going to get buff.



  • Hidden_KnightHidden_Knight Posts: 202
    They said that they would post details about the champion changes in december.
  • mbracembrace Posts: 489 ★★
    I check this forum daily for an answer. I’m sitting on and holding off on both Cull and Maw. Unfortunately, I had already R4 and used an AG on Cull before I knew about this issue. I love Cull and would like to R5 if possible, but that seems stupid with this cloud hanging over him.
  • JbeatzJbeatz Posts: 44
    When is the buff for ebony maw I have been waiting forever for my 5 star and check this thing daily
  • JbeatzJbeatz Posts: 44
    When is the ebony maw buff happening
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    My 5/65 Ebony Maw is patiently waiting for this buff
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    Was waiting for maw buff before I got Symboite supreme now I don't really care he can sit as a arena champion for all I care am tired of waiting besides is not a buff mind you guys is balance tunning like what they did with sentry.
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    I'm hoping for that Ebony Maw buff eventually. Pulled him as a six star, could use a little bit of love.
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    Posts about this upcoming buff/nerd/balancing/fix/whatever pop up like every other day...the enthusiasm for it is only going to heighten your expectations which increases the chances Kabam disappoints you. Then we get to see posts like “Ebony Maw still sucks” flood this place.

    Just have patience, it’s not happening this month or this year; if anything they’ll tell us in January that the changes might happen before April 2020.

    Don’t be the kid that asks all month for something they really want only to get gifted socks and underwear for Christmas.
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    i am waiting on a lot of rankup actually!! awakened 6* anihilus ,5* torch, cull, invisible woman and offcourse 6* Diablo since i enjoy his playstyle and animation and good prestige but one can clearly see he is as useless as they come!!! and it will be about a year since diablo's release..some of the worst champions of 2015 like magneto or xforce are even better then a champ released in 2019 as 6*!!!
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    Kabam allthese people wanna know. Atleast you guys can give us A little time frame.. .
  • JbeatzJbeatz Posts: 44
  • Hey there, the balance changes for Ebony Maw and other Champions are being delayed until February, with details to be released in January. You can find more information about this here.
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