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You need champions from Endgame. Same as you did for Infinity War, I would love to see a captain America wielding his shield and mjolnir, drunk Thor with stormbreaker (horrible name by the way), pepper pots, war machine, and though everyone hated him... smart Hulk but I bet to make him better just buff him up considering now he has the intelligence of Bruce and strength of Hulk... but most of all... CAPTAIN AMERICA WITH MJOLNIR I MEAN CMON THATS GONNA BE AWESOME AS HELL. And some of his attacks can be from the movie in the end scene. Thank you for your time


  • I already posted a discussion about it. But Endgame Captain America: Wielding his shield and mjolnir in his old red white and blue suit. Bearing America’s arse.
    Cosmic: considering he wields Mjolnir source of Thor’s power... or not. Whichever movie you go off of.
    Buffs: invincibility: (0.25 second after reaching 1% health)
    persistence: ( 0.3 second of increase attack and defense),
    regeneration: (0.25 second after reaching 1% health),
    stun: (0.1 second after perfect timed block),
    EMH( Earths Mightiest Heroes): (15% greater chance to land a critical hit and perform a perfect block)
    Special One (Sonic Stun): Endgame Cap throws his shield over opponents head and hits his shield with mjolnir stunning the opponent

    Special Two (Worthy): Cap launches mjolnir at opponent lands a melee combo retrieves mjolnir and summons a lightning strike also stunning opponent

    Special three (“Go For The Head”): Cap gives everything he got at delivering blows to the opponents head varying from blows with mjolnir, his shield, and his fist. And finishing off with a huge lightning strike.

    Do with this what you will but I think it would be awesome. Thoughts? Opinions? Add ons?
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    Fat Thor
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