What I Hate Most About These Ever Looming “Balance Changes”



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    Don’t worry it’s not a “nerf” it’s a “balance change”. Per kabam nerfs are only significant changes per there definition(yes I’m being sarcastic as any downward change is a nerf).

    The most concerning part Lingo of that is basically they are paving the way to argue against any sort of compensation in regards to there balances changes already deeming them not significant prior to the community seeing them.
  • PegasusPegasus Posts: 23
    Classic bait and switch tactics in the retail advertising world. Retailers and corporations have been sued for less. Makes me want to get Apple to refund everything I spent getting top tier champs only to have some lame “need for balancing champs”. It’s insane god tier is released then claim “oh they’re too powerful & were never intended to work like that” and makes content too easy so there is a need to balance which forces newer players to spend. It really took 6 months to a year to see that? Really? Their pre-typed basic corporate form responses can be irritating as well when there is a problem. The censoring of comments and banning when questions are meant to understand more is even more relentless.
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    Basically with those balance Kabam make all players their hostages. It's selfish act and driven by money which is mean.
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    It can not be insignificant yet have data that reflects its needed. They are talking out t of both ends. If the data shows it’s needed then it has to be pretty significant otherwise why bother.
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    It can not be insignificant yet have data that reflects its needed. They are talking out t of both ends. If the data shows it’s needed then it has to be pretty significant otherwise why bother.

    This. Its doesn't make sense to create the S storm with all of this in order to make meaningless, negligible changes. If that were the case they wouldn't even bother to pause the rebalancing program and instead just release the change info to show how minor the changes are and stop all this nerf talk in its tracks. You'd think if that were the case they would realize the speculation and ambiguity is the larger issue and just get on with it already, but here we are cursed by Magik in everlasting limbo 😂
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    Know how you feel. Back in the day, Scarlet Witch was practically a cheat code. When she was a basic in arena, I spent hours grinding arena to get her and again to wake her. Then grinded solo events for chances at mystic sig stones to boost her sig and also AQ and T4 arenas to rank her to 5/50. Then months later, she got nerfed. Nerfing is never a good thing when your total amount of investment was for nothing.

    P.S.- Even though she's not on the same level as she was pre-nerf, she's still quite effective. Hopefully Namor's nerf won't be that severe.

    Don’t forget Doctor Strange or OG Thor. Doctor Strange was once one of the best champions in the game, his health steal was insane he’s a shadow of what he was. OG Thor used to stack furies & do damage on the level of Corvus after his rebalancing he is mediocre.

    I really wish they’d focus on making underperforming champions better & leave desirable top performing champions People have worked had to get alone.
  • Earl22Earl22 Posts: 7
    Its easy to say that they didnt think about ability interactions, but its not just nerfing champs as much as it is nerfing anything pro player. Farmable revives from original ROL(also seems the pot drop rate went down as well), stackable willpower(yes we were refunded but doesnt equate to savings on pots would be in the long run) also adjusted 3 day rewards where we only get 25 units instead of a possible 50 (between rank and milestone rewards), mystic dispersion and permanent gifting(couldve put a limit on how many "units" each player could gift or receive monthly/weekly/daily etc)
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