Who to R5 next?

Torn between captain marvel movie and Hyperion. Both are sig 40 right now, I don't have Nick fury for synergy, I run suicides, and I have 90 sig stones I can put into either one.

Who to R5 next? 25 votes

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Captain Marvel Movie
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  • McocHPMcocHP Posts: 35
    edited January 3
    Captain Marvel Movie
    i have both. Play rotation is easier with Hyperion. He is more satisfying to play and has more utility.

    CMM has her unblockable and indestructible. Once you get her play style down ,for raw damage with suicides CMM all the way. She'll mow through the tougher content faster.
  • DevilMayCryDevilMayCry Posts: 57
    Captain Marvel Movie
    Hyperion is one of the best cosmic champs and does insane damage with a few fury with SP3. But still his sp2 hits like a truck which you won't be able to use all the time, unless it kill the opponents to not take recoil. His regen comes in handy.

    Although CMM is only poison immune, she shrugs of bleed in binary ignition. Also being indestructible comes in handy for recoil damage.

    I would probably do CMM with suicide. But you can't go wrong with either way.
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