Misfits of the Realm

Zeke_the_XbotZeke_the_Xbot Posts: 202
edited August 2017 in Alliance Recruitment
New alliance forming.

US timezones Preferrably
Prefer 4300+ Prestige

Goals build up and become a 5x5 AQ focused alliance.
Maintain tier 3/4 AW
Intend to be laid back but not lazy.

Participation in all events required
Completion 15K
Arena Combat 7.5K
Perfect Series 5K
Items use (No Min unless not reaching all milestones)

Looking for at least 8 who want to help us get things moving we have a lot of ground in AW to make to but will likely win them all.

If interested post here, or find me on Line at: zekethexbot


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