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I need help with act 5 chapter 2. Specifically quests 5 and 6. I haven't gotten to 6 yet, but everyone is saying the collector is some serious bull. So, any advice?


  • KML15KML15 Posts: 139
    Quest 5/6 apply any health boosts you have, as well as max out your stun in Utility. With this you can ride out the bane timer and let degen do its work if you wanted to. When the timer is 3/4 of the way gone, do a parry and and ride it out until the timer is about up. The collector gets easier the more you fight him. Unless you have Vision or a solid power control champ I found it best to just let bane do it's work. Only applying a few hits each bane timer until he gets a bar of power. From there try and bait a heavy and hope he doesn't use a special. By the time I was at my last few passes in 5.2.6 I could get him down in a team revive.
  • RotmgmoddyRotmgmoddy Posts: 916 ★★★
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    Both of these quests contain the ever so deadly bane node, which can kill you quickly if you eat it for a few seconds.

    Firstly, you must make sure you never take the bane node for more than 1 tick (or no ticks at all, even better). You can follow the tips given by Dave through this video here, it really helps! If you can master the technique of passing bane to the opponent quickly, you can use bane to your advantage.

    Secondly, the right champs will reduce your potion usage. Let's face it, you, like 99% of the uncollected, will have to use potions to kill the collector, but you could probably reduce that potion amount if you play well. Bring a very strong offensive champion, defensive champions will not work well since his unblockable specials will kill you instantly.

    Champions like Hulk will do well since reviving him to 20/40% means he has stronger attack. You can also bring an aggressive power control champion like Hawkeye and Vision to try and survive a bit longer and keep him from using his L1.

    Furthermore, mastery wise, some people have opted to put suicides since they know they are going to die very fast to the collector either way. This might not be the best idea if you plan to survive a bit longer with the power aggressive champions. But if you just want to eventually break through him with champs like the Hulk, then this is a good choice.

    Make sure to have enough potions/units. For me, on average I used 1-2 team revives each time, so about 100-200 units worth of potions, but I suggest bringing a little more just in case. Make sure to fight the enemies well before the Collector, every champion counts. Best of luck.
  • EpistriatusEpistriatus Posts: 1,225 ★★★★
    I'm currently exploring 5.2.6 At the path with random buff for each & extra power gain for opponent. 80% of the fights the opponent starts off with "unstoppable" or gets "unstoppable" when a special is used. RNG my ass o_O
  • So it's a whole lotta BS
  • BDLHBDLH Posts: 148
    cheap revives on hulk smashing through every hard fight including the Collector is the easiest and cheapest way to go. 20% revive we have loads of, 3X 750hp potions puts him above 30%, a few blocks/parries will trigger his hulk smash phase and he can unload the most damage before you die in 30-40 secs. If you get a couple sp2 crits during smash phase he melts very quickly.
  • Wordy12Wordy12 Posts: 208
    Seems like a waste of time and money, the rewards are not even that good!
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