Upto 14 looking for a new ally

Hey all. Decided to shut our alliance down recently and now we are between 5 and 14 players looking for a new alliance.

Majority of us are lv 60 uncollected ect.

Go to tag EFTD to check out the players that could come. It looks like all the officer will be together to make 5 and then the rest should follow.

Anyway if you want to chat about us coming over to your alliance then message me on line app at connor892


  • Am currently rebuilding my alliance if you care to join
  • dch13fdch13f Posts: 12
    Can take 8. Grx2 welcomes yous.
    Line id : sleeper2
  • Will take anyone over 120k my id is 1st wanderer iltimate marvel universe ally 14 spots open
  • Line id 1stwander32
  • Ken1378Ken1378 Posts: 155
    Can take 11. Game ID: Ken13781378. We are Silver 2 and AQ Map 4. Most of us are also Uncollected.
  • Spazad_58Spazad_58 Posts: 46
    We can take 3. Check us out - ally tag TNW14.
    Aq when bgs are full 80 to 100m running 545.
    Aw G3.
    Must be at least uncollected, active daily and use line
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