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    Naturally, people were reactive because no one likes to be excluded. However, necessary it was.
  • oh yeah, i definitely agree with you, i edited my previous comment to clarify my wording just a bit.
    have been taking a break from the game and the forum, but for those affected and for the frustration it's causing i do hope they do something about it if it's accidental. peace ✌️
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    I am gonna agree arena needs fixing.

    But completely disagreeing on every statement here aside them not baiting specials.

    While building streak this has alwais been there, and can be fixed using suicides to kill before sp3, while carefully keeping your power lockers for the last series before the 15th, the real problem of the arena is the opposite.

    The IA is absolutely dreadfully dormant. Champs standing still holding block or just walking on idle towards you, like all of them are under the defensive node, making matches take much lo ger than normally would take. And with longer i mean going from 10/15 seconds to 25/40.

    Regarding the reactions and other issues, while parry seems to be off in every piece of content, along AI being ultra defensive (exp in variant), dying in arena has little to do with phantomatic quick recoveries.

    Yes game is still broken and yes many bugs still occur, but with the level of AI involved past infinite loaing a streak can only happen for:

    - a jumber of bugs occurring ALL in the 3 fights of the serie

    - more usually, where thumbs lacking.

    If you find hard to maintain streak, id advice you to learn how to better play. Random occasional loss is normal, but if you have a trend it means you just need to adapt and play better.

    And ppl here know how often i dish out on kabam. Learn to play better, to wait, and not just blindlessly attack them. That s upon you
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    I think it's time we had a serious discussion about this, because it's become a serious problem. The AI in the Arenas has become unruly. They no longer Bait half the time, the amount that Parry procs for it is just not reasonable, and the reaction time it has is knee-jerk. This quick Evade that it has is not normal. At any time, it can snap out of anything and Evade back, most often when you attempt a Medium, or even in the middle of Specials. I've had Fights that were literally Parried every hit I attempted. I've had AI Parry a Heavy with Parry and Resist proc'd at the same time. All these added hindrances are quite stressful for Grinds that already take a great deal of attention over the course of 3 days. I think it's time to have a look at the AI in the Arena because it's not behaving anywhere near what is reasonable.
    I've been a Grinder since I began playing 3 and a half years ago, and with almost 90k Wins under my belt, the issue is not my ability to handle it. The Arena is a great deal of strain at times, and people are trying to stay alert for long periods of time. When you add too much of a reactivity on the other side, it's infuriating. Now, I'm not saying it should be a standstill on the other end, I just think there are some things that could be worked on. Does anyone else see what I'm seeing? I have a good suspicion that the amped-up behavior of the AI is contributing to the lag we experience. Thoughts anyone? Please keep it constructive. I know how to Grind, so please be respectful. Thanks.

    Shocked to see you say something abit the game that isn't positive lol so props there for sure! Honestly i think it's all tweeked from the developer and not really effecting other aspects of the game...i could be wrong but i believe the real problem lies in the new champs and animations aka darkhawk etc and also possibly the dungeons server screwing with the normal server but i am by no means a computer expert so just speculation either way it needs to be fixed... nice post!
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    I completely disagree with that. There is no "adapting" to what I've seen. It's just AI that predicts and reacts to everything. You might like that type of increased punishment, but I certainly don't. Not in the Arena. It's not a Quest where you need to "up the game". There should be no difference in the AI. It's a competition of who can put up Points in relation to the Points of others. We spend hours over 3 days putting up millions of Points. Half the time when you finish, you can barely keep your eyes open. The last bloody thing it needs is "more challenge". That whole request for more becomes sadistic after a while.
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    I couldn’t agree more. I really wish arena was reworked because it is so unbelievably time consuming. I really don’t think Kabam realizes how frustrating arena can be with the amount of time it takes and the problems with the aggressive AI making an already time consuming task even more time consuming and frustrating. These things make the game not fun anymore especially when you spent almost 45 min trying to build a streak just to lose it. Any way the team can look into this? @Kabam Miike
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    This issue with the arena AI being absolute cancer seems to be an overlooked/nonprioritized issue where some illumination from @Kabam is about due since the arena AI has been spreading it's pestilence over the arena for ages with no plan in sight to ever end this misery.

    The arena AI is so unpredictable that act 5, 6, uncollected EQ, heck even the Abyss, seems like a wonderful fairy tale since at least that content AI provides you with a reasonable chance to try fight it. In that content you know the AI will attack you and sort of how thus allowing you to time your parry. You can challenge extremely difficult bosses and other long fights because you can bait specials and keep the fight going.

    You simply cannot calculate and predict the arena AI, especially not the the "easy" one, which I argue is the actual Abyss of this game lol. I can stand against the the wall, dexing for 10 min, then loose my mind, attack the AI and the second that mtherfer hits three bars of power it launches it's special attack. Or it goes the whole fight not launching it, just sitting there with three bars of power like a psychopath, toying with you.

    As other have stated in this thread, it's not just that you can't parry or bait specials effectively. It's the general pattern of behaviour of the arena AI that is so extremely unpredictable. The arena AI is so out of tune with the rest of the game that it doesn't make any sense practise fighting it.

    Please Kabam, shed some light on this.
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    Personally the AI past 20 Win Streaks are usually aggressive and don't have a problem there. At least for the 5 Star Arena. The 9-15 Streak AIs are the ones that are usually the most awkward and scary to fight. They almost have double the PIs, and play extremely passively.
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