AQ 55555 AW Gold 1 Alliance looking for new members

We are looking for members who can pull their weight in a highly organised environment that makes AQ / AW pretty simple and carefree

A sense of humour is a must and communication is highly valued

500k+ minimum Hero Rating

We value Teamwork, Communication and Skill over Pi.

We hit all milestones in alliance events - even though these have a lower mandatory target (item use and completion only)

We are relaxed, but relaxed means organised and that we communicate so that the game is easier and you are not chasing folk - not play whenever you feel.

- You have a 3 hour grace from the time you wake up till the time you join and do at least 2 nodes (unless clearly communicated with the group why)


- As Above

- Item Use - 1250pts Minimum
- Completion - 7500pts minimum

Line is a must, so if interested, find me on there: Id: anberry01, tzodau


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