Tips to be uncollected

Hey I’m wondering if anyone could give me tips to become uncollected
Here’s my roster:



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    Firstly, take your time. You're just at act 5.1 which is far easier than act 5.2. Gather those resources and rank those champs up. Class diversity is also important as some nodes in act 5 like bane require you to use champs with class advantage or it will punish you bad.

    What I did was watch youtube videos for easy path. If you are not interested you can just read the nodes and determine which path has "less punishing" nodes.

    On act 5.2, there are more and more annoying nodes that will punish you even if you make the slightest mistake. I can't really recall but I do remember some;

    1. Masochism- Immediately nullify one debuff and regen but then goes into cooldown.
    2. Bane- the bane of players who want to be uncollected. When you hit the defender, they will be placed with passive degeneration (which can't be nullified) for 10 seconds which then will transfer to you until you hit them again (or immediately if they hit you when they have that passive).

    I recommend watching walkthrough and guides to handle these nodes. It would be really helpful.

    Seeing that you have selected the so-called God tier champion, I assume you are already acknowledge their strengths. Aegon was one of my champs when I'm being uncollected but I see that he is unduped so it is better if you replace him.

    Lastly, stash more units if you find yourself struggling. Remember that the champion that you will fight before facing The Collector is Spider-Gwen which is pretty much an annoying fight to deal with. I used Corvus Glaive and do "Parry-Heavy" to fight her.

    Unit management tips; Only buy 40% revive and focus on champs that can deal high damage like corvus. This will save units. You will find yourself die and die over again but it's okay. That's how you beat the collector.
  • Denslo500Denslo500 Posts: 661 ★★★
    Great team.
    Just need to max them out.

    Corvus was my Collector killer.
    Even when tenacity stopped the Parry/stun, I could still get a hit series in after blocking.
    I only had 3 charges on him for my run.
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    Idk man. Maybe you're a way better player than me but that unawakened Aegon wouldn't hold up to act 5 chapter 2. In general your PI on those champs seem low, they're around 18k PI in the later quests.

    Rank those lads up to 4/40 for the 4s and 3/35 for the 5s at the least.
  • Suman_sahASuman_sahA Posts: 417
    hype was my mvp cause of his power gain i could make a full combo with sp1 repeatedly before dying... corvus will help u also...
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    This is my improved roster

  • KDSuperFlash10KDSuperFlash10 Posts: 5,869 ★★★★★
    Byucoug21 said:

    This is my improved roster

    Ok you're ready. That is an absolutely amazing team for Uncollected!
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