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So to begin with kabam hasnt banned me or any of my friends but when i come to forums i regularly see posts regarding players saying tht they have been banned for no reason and all
I know tht kabam team must have fpund some evkdence against them, but still they should state the reason wjy they have been banned and the evidence behind it.


  • VoodooCVoodooC Posts: 7
    I was banned also with no explanation this is complete B.S. if they cannot tell me what I did wrong how can I keep from doing it again.

    And now Kabam Mike will close the thread and say terms of service

    This company.... I think I’m done
  • We don't ban for No Reason. When you break the terms of service, and we have reason to believe that you have, we will take action.

    We also don't discuss actions taken on individual accounts. If you have questions about your Ban, you can reach out to our Support Team.
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