Are you happy with AW, Kabam?

joke1004joke1004 Posts: 167 ★★
You were saying that you changed the defense tactics with the intention to have more unique defenses. This season everyone picks siphon because it’s clearly OP. I’m really disappointed that you didn’t acknowledge this issue at all.
It gives the impression that all you care about, is increasing our item use ...:/


  • WoogieboogieWoogieboogie Posts: 340 ★★
    I dono I think a Elsa with Suicides on is pretty bull, unless you have a mutant your taking a lotta damage from her degen (which is buffed from AW nodes)
  • ThecurlerThecurler Posts: 284 ★★
    Siphon needs "rebalancing".

  • PlinkoPlinko Posts: 85
    They don't have time to rebalance the game to make it fun and not infuriatingly impossible. They are too busy "rebalancing" characters that aren't useless.
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