After uncollected advice

Recently cleared Act 5 chapter 2 to become uncollected. Would appreciate some advice on constructing a team to finish Act 5 and become Cavalier. I know it will be a long time from now. Which characters should I focus on? I do plan on waiting for a better science, mutant, and skill 5 star champs.


  • ArondightArondight Posts: 125

    First, wow you have some amazing 5* luck. Second, you have several great champs but for working towards cavalier I would recommend focusing on your 5* starting with: Ghost and doom.

    After those 2, thing and Iceman would be good for some utility and immunities. Rulk, Medusa and killmonger are all also great champs worthy of rankups, you just have a ton of good choices.

    Okay I will focus on doom and ghost. Doom is rank 3 and ghost rank 2. Been practicing with ghost. Consider myself slightly below average player so I wasn't excited to get her initially since she requires high skill. I like Thing but I've read that it needs synergies to be effective?
  • FabwiziFabwizi Posts: 761 ★★★
    Wow you have great champs.. Thing and doom are awesome
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