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28m rated Gold 1, AQ Map 5/Map 3 Singapore alliance looking for members

Hi All

We are a Singapore Alliance looking for a couple of members as we have 2 retiring from the game.

More details below:

Some stats and information:
- 28m+ million rated Alliance
- AW Tier 4-5
- consistent Gold 1 in AW seasons
- Doing AQ 53535 or combination of 3 days map 5 & 2 days map 3
- all 3 BGS complete AW and AQ 100% and time to spare and time to sleep
- no forced defense rank up or prestige rank up
- no spending required

Some requirements:
- take part in AQ and AW
- small weekly AQ donations enough for 3 days map 5
- at least 2x 5* R5 in order to go with the flow in our AW tier and AQ prestige difficulty
- no other mandatory events
- GMT +8 time zone
- Whatsapp for communication

Some characteristics:
- We are adult players mostly in 30s and 40s so we are a bunch of fun loving old people
- Most have families with kids so we know where our priorities should be
- We are quite chill and lay-back about most stuffs and we value and appreciate teamwork very much

If the above interest you enough to join us:
IGN: Nabbydian
Add me in game as a friend and let's have a chat!


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