250k 6 star fragments worth of nothing

More than 1 year grinding arenas for 6 star shards, exploring all end game content besides the abyss and winning multiple master aw rewards to get me to a progress dead end, for the first time after 5 years playing the game.
That's the result of the rng based game design specially after the introduction of cavalier crystals.


  • MoosetiptronicMoosetiptronic Posts: 946 ★★★
    Luke, doc, Angela? But yeah, you expect at least one top draw from that lot!
  • Apollo107Apollo107 Posts: 104
    Ronin ain’t bad
  • DeaconVelvetDeaconVelvet Posts: 2,052 ★★★★★
    we all feel and have felt your pain lol
  • Luke, Doc , Angela, Wasp, Ronin are all pretty good champions, not Domino level but they are not bad at all. You could of gotten both cyclops and a rhino.
  • Das_giDas_gi Posts: 320 ★★
    Damn @TugaDav that’s some bad luck man. But I’m assuming only 7-8 of those are recent pulls so the other 17 couldn’t really be good pulls since there weren’t many good 6*’s early on but yes man you deserve a great champ like domino or corvus
  • TugaDavTugaDav Posts: 15
    @Moosetiptronic @LoctiteSuperGlue
    Even as R3s, Luke, Doc or Angela will be weaker and less usefull than the 5 star roster used to win and grind for all these shards...
    Actually, these 6star champs wouldn't allow me to compete (and win) at the same level I competed to get the shards.
    At the current stage of the game they bring 0 to the table and can't believe they will for 6.4.
    So basically 250k worthless shards.
  • TugaDavTugaDav Posts: 15
    @Das_gi corvus and domino were added to the basic pool during September 2018 :smile:
  • Zakrw_317Zakrw_317 Posts: 50
    I'd say the only highlights here are doc ock, nightcrawler since he is awakened, wasp and angela but that my personal opinion. Keep up the grind!
  • TugaDavTugaDav Posts: 15
    @PeterQuill bud, at least you already have the unawaked versions. You can rank them up and hope for the best. :smile: Since I've got t5b expiring... I'll go for my 21st r5.

    6 stars have been introduced in the game about 2 years ago and I've still to get a useful champ. Statistically speaking it's likely I won't get one anytime soon...
    I don't know when will 5 stars lose relevance in the end game but if that day comes soon I see myself being pushed out of future end-game by rng despite having explored most current end game content.
    This is the first time I see myself faced with such scenario since I started playing the game.
    Tbh I feared this when I first witnessed the introduction of cavalier crystals and the sudden exponential progression big spenders had afterwards.
    P.e. if you go and watch the 2019 highlights of some of the most famous mcoc youtubers you'll see those "accomplishments" are pretty much being rewarded by spending money on cavaliers. That instead rewards they got completing hard content.
    That's the turn the game took after the introduction of cavaliers.
    I would like kabam to reflect on this. Do you really want to limit the end game to people spending thousands on that 0.3% chance to get god tier 6stars on cavaliers?
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 6,968 ★★★★★
    Dang that sucks. Only 4.5 decent champs out of all those. Hope I don’t have similar luck down the road
  • TugaDavTugaDav Posts: 15

    The saga continues... 🤦🏻‍♂️
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