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Parry compensation

Why didn’t i get some of the parry compensation rewards.


  • Kidd_lucky1Kidd_lucky1 Posts: 29
    Please if there’s any explanation i need one
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,596 ★★★★★
    Either you hadn’t unlocked r2 or 3 or they’re still sending them out
  • KnasKnasKnasKnas Posts: 28
    Did you get it yet, @Kidd_lucky1? If not, double check your game is up to date etc. Everyone are supposed to get it from what I understand
  • Kidd_lucky1Kidd_lucky1 Posts: 29
    I didn’t I’ve been entering all day
  • I didn’t I’ve been entering all day

    You didn’t say yet whether or not you actually had Parry Level 2 or 3 already Unlocked (from Stoney Cores) prior to this week (when they turned them into no-cost to unlock them going forward).
  • Kidd_lucky1Kidd_lucky1 Posts: 29

  • Kidd_lucky1Kidd_lucky1 Posts: 29
    This is what kabam told me
  • You still have not said whether you yourself had actually previously already unlocked Levels 2 and/or 3 before last week when they used to require Cores to unlock. Only people who previously had unlocked then with Cores would be getting the Units back as compensation.
  • Please wait for a reply from support as we cannot look at your account to verify if you should have received the compensation.
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