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We are rebuilding an alliance made up of strong players. AQ and AQ focused when we can get enough people. Real life comes first, this is a game and should be fun! Add me in game or Line for details.
Game Name : Maximumcrash
LineID: maximumcrash2


  • RichFailleRichFaille Posts: 40
    hey buddy, like your statement in ur alliance post. We are a 7 week old alliance, working hard to grow - we use Discord for comms and organization. With 8-10 of y'all we would be in SA every week and good tier by next week. we just got rid of some slackers yesterday and can have room for up to 10 after some more weeding. my ign is RichFaille and discord is Rikki Kang Fai#0571
  • MaximumCrashMaximumCrash Posts: 111
    Hey thanks for the offer but I think we are going to try and build this one up. A few of us have helped other alliances get really strong and then when real life happens we are dropped and don't want to be in that position this time. Thanks again though!
  • MaximumCrashMaximumCrash Posts: 111
    You can also reach out to the leader of the alliance.
    Game Name : Island Avenger
    Line: Island Avenger
  • Tonic24kTonic24k Posts: 56
    edited June 2017
    Hey bro. I'm looking at your alliance right now. Would you be interested in joining me and my alliance, Lionhearted? I could team up with you and the 4 others you have above 100k.

    We are 4.5mil alli looking to become whole again so we can continue running map 5.

    And just read the comments above. This isn't a scenario of temp help. I'm looking for a long term solution. Loyalty will go both ways.

    Line and Game: Tonic24k
  • MaximumCrashMaximumCrash Posts: 111
    For now I think we will be sticking it out in our alliance. I do appreciate the offer and hit me up if you need anything,
  • MaximumCrashMaximumCrash Posts: 111
    Thanks for all the responses! We still have spots open and look forward to having more join!
  • MaximumCrashMaximumCrash Posts: 111
  • MaximumCrashMaximumCrash Posts: 111
    We are still looking for people to join. We have fun and help you get better. Look me up!
  • IslandAvengerIslandAvenger Posts: 32
    Hey Peoples, if you are looking for a really cool place to kick back, and enjoy the game. This is really the place for you. We super laid back - NO Pressure so you don't have to worry about the game being another job. Everyone is growing fast and having fun. Come join us. Come home. :smiley:
  • MaximumCrashMaximumCrash Posts: 111
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