Cosmic class advice

Still have not landed Corvus and I have 350+ champions lol. Should I keep waiting for Corvus or go for Terrax? Hoping to get the best cosmic before using my T4C to rank up.


  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,803 ★★★★★
    Cosmic has several top rated champs already. Corvus, CMM, Hype just to name a few. Terrax might be a great champ or a dud. It's really to early to tell what he will be like in the game. I remember when Corvus first came out and everyone thought Proxima would be the better champ. That just proves when champs are first released its to early to tell how great they may or may not be in the game. I would use your cats on whichever champ u are most comfortable with. U may get Corvus out of the next crystal or it could take years before pulling him.
  • ArondightArondight Posts: 125
    Hoping terrax is pretty good. I have medusa. Also running suicides mastery so I don't use hyperion.
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