Sunday Arena

I’m doing the new Sunday arena which requires 4,5 and 6* champs. My 6* champs are rewarding me with the same points as my R4/R5 5* champs. In the normal 5* featured arena, they give out 60+k per fight. Was this done intentionally because of the 2.5 million max milestone reward?


  • RisenfromhellRisenfromhell Posts: 241 ★★
    Its probably about the rank rewards so every one could have a chance for the 5* crystall
  • BasamiBasami Posts: 10
    My 6 stars give me 30k while my 5 stars give 35k
  • PyrdaPyrda Posts: 252 ★★
    Same here not sure if it’s a bug or working as it should like mentioned above
  • Open discussion on this topic here. It'll be something we're going to fix after this run of Arenas.
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