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Rogue is broken

SomethingsomeSomethingsome Posts: 176
edited September 2017 in Bugs and Known Issues
I've run into this a few times now and I have a friend with it on video (which doesn't appear to want to upload here). Her lvl 2 special sometimes drains no energy, or she drains the energy and gains none in return. This has kinda broken her at this point as her energy gain is a large part of her lvl 2 special being effective.


  • SomethingsomeSomethingsome Posts: 176
    edited September 2017
    Hopefully the vid attaches...

    Nope. Apparently you can't support an mp4
  • SomethingsomeSomethingsome Posts: 176
    edited September 2017
    To recap what is in the video, a R5 Rogue 4star (duped) does a level 2 special attack on a r3/4 duped 5star magik and magik has just under one bar of power. The level 2 special gives zero energy to Rogue and brings Magik up to full bars before the combo from the special is even finished. Magik gains over two bars from just the attacks in the special move and has no energy taken at all. That's broken.

    I've had multiple arena rounds where she drained the energy successfully, but gained none. My buddy had none of the effects from the attack work.
  • Jon8299Jon8299 Posts: 1,067 ★★★
    It's a well known issue, that's been around for over a month. It's affected Vision, Magik, Rogue, anyone who power burns or steals.
  • Yeah, Vision still struggles with the same issue. I use AOU Vision (rank 5) and it can get you killed fast. Vision and Rogue are the only two I've seen it in, thus far.
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