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Did you enjoy the women's day boss rush?

Midnite93Midnite93 Posts: 4,180 ★★★★★
edited March 2020 in General Discussion
This month we had another boss rush with opponents like X23, Medusa, Wasp, Emma Frost, Rogue and Clare Voyant as the bosses with some interesting nodes. Massive shoutout to all the ladies who were involved in creating this interesting boss rush. What does everyone think of the boss rush did you like it? Do feel free to vote and share your thoughts.

Did you enjoy the women's day boss rush? 143 votes

DNA3000Vdh2008Mcord11758danielmathsamalasravanChadhoganHaji_SaabWorld EaterTimone147gr3nd3lSpity68Nick_Caine_32AzKicker316Oesername123TerraVerzzArydhdhLvernon15Ronny_CropDuster 94 votes
SnakeEyes69OzzieontzuffyChovnerForwardNew_Noob168Drake2078Foxhero007Mqc19TreininSceptilemaniacAhitlawTimrosBrokenMaster3418NoOnexROPeterQuillTheLegend27Markg25Djin 33 votes
Can't say
KaruseusSlimCrazyScopeotoe987Hyperbolein_1007md92ẞlооdBonzodavidCaptainPollKing_Leo321XanthiaMinvisGanesh10aPkmnGeekWalkerLucifer1810Soyheyor123AouxWoux 16 votes


  • CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★
    Can't say
    way above my standards lol :D
  • ChadhoganChadhogan Posts: 456 ★★★
    The end result was pretty great finally pulled a 5* that's been missing from my team
  • AzKicker316AzKicker316 Posts: 2,233 ★★★★★
    Yes because it was the easiest boss rush ever and getting 10k shards for the light work!
  • Stevenfan2Stevenfan2 Posts: 91
    Actually my answer is yes but it took me a lot of time to learn which must i choose for a particular node or champion. Because i was having all 4* champions so it was even harder.
  • TyDollarSignTyDollarSign Posts: 222 ★★

    easiest five star crystal to earn ever I think, but my Karnak dupe doesnt excite me.

    Well, to be fair this would mean that you're not happy with RNG rather than the Boss Rush. Beating the event has nothing to do with which champion you pull. Definitely sucks, but it's not an actual reflection of the event itself.
  • EvangelionlovrEvangelionlovr Posts: 461 ★★★

    it was terrible and the girls did a horrible job with there choices. I can't wait for this abomination of a boss rush to be over so I don't have to see on my phone.

    What didn't you like about it? I found it extremely easy, only reason I needed a revive is because I was trying to do it while I was hanging out with my gf and I got distracted and lost two characters before I decided to finish it later.
  • Tiger360Tiger360 Posts: 1,696 ★★★★
    Wish I could do it, I don't have enough units for revives, as I can't no item it. An ally member of mine spent 2k units with a party of 5/55's and still couldn't do it but in his case it comes down to skill.
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,591 ★★★★★
    I hit a 5* torch for a fun 15 minutes of unique fights, loved it
  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    Can't say
    I can’t beat it
  • Fluffy_pawsFluffy_paws Posts: 2,677 ★★★★★
    edited March 2020
    Yes! First one I've done and it was fun. Did take me a few revives at Emma and Rogue but pulled Namor so pretty happy. Was fun seeing Emma melt with a 3* CapIW
  • Drake2078Drake2078 Posts: 900 ★★★
    I voted no, only because I wasn't able to complete it. In no way, shape or for is my No vote against the content creators.
    To the ladies who created the nodes, well done!!! My only wish is that Kabam had made multiple difficulties so everyone could have participated and enjoyed your work.
  • 007md92007md92 Posts: 1,381 ★★★★
    edited March 2020
    Can't say
    All 20 of them said no are f2p. Just a guess...
    Cz i am one too.. and damn have to be very careful about resources.
    10k shards will be there in future.
  • TreininTreinin Posts: 206 ★★★
    I guess I kind of did, but it was over in less than 10 minutes so it didn't provide that much enjoyment.
  • Scopeotoe987Scopeotoe987 Posts: 1,546 ★★★★★
    edited March 2020
    Can't say
    After beating it, I gotta be mixed. Some fights were fun, while others were a pain. Ever way after beating it I pulled a 5* Medusa so I can’t complain!
  • Mcord11758Mcord11758 Posts: 1,249 ★★★★
    Overall a good time. I have done it 3 times to try different counters
  • ẞlооdẞlооd Posts: 2,005 ★★★★
    Can't say
    I only liked the Emma and BWCV fights. Rogue was definitely not a fun combination of nodes to me at all. Wasp and Medusa forced a playstyle I didn't really enjoy, and X-23 is pretty much non-existent since she couldn't even use her SP3.
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