Significance of #CHAMPIONS hashtag

Stupid question but I'm curious. Couldn't find a thread here or anywhere else. There are 4 Champions with the hashtag #CHAMPIONS, which are: Ghost Rider, Black Widow, Miles Morales, and Kamala Kahn. What makes these 4 #CHAMPIONS? GR is considered God Tier Mystic, BW max sig is a beast, Miles is Meh, and Kamala is trash. They have nothing in common as far as I know. Since this is Contest of Champions, is everyone in the game not a Champion? Is this just another weird MCOC detail that makes no sense like the fact that Human Torch is the only Champion with the hashtag "#Flying", or the fact that Ghost Rider is on fire but not immune to incinerate? Is this another Kabam mystery with no answer, like why you can't get certain champions higher than a 4 star (Wolverine, Deadpool, War Machine, Ms Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Vision A of U), or why certain champions like Cyclops New Xavier 5-star or above are usually excluded from crystals? Just wanted to know if anyone has any idea why these particular champs were labelled with this. "EXCELSIOR!"


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    Spidey-Miles and Kamala are in a more recent teen-heroes team called the Champions along with Nova (Sam Alexander), Ironheart, Falcon (Joaqiun Torres), a new Patriot from Civil War II, Dust of the X-Men, Vision's daughter Viv, the Totally Awesome Hulk Amadeus Cho (now known as Brawn) and a coupla new characters: a Inuik girl called Snowguard, and an Indian boy called Pinpoint
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