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Need help on becoming cavalier...

TheTrueBeastTheTrueBeast Posts: 234 ★★★
I currently have a rank 5 Venom the Duck who handles pretty much the entire path of any quest I do but Act 6 has added extra challenges. I currently have the resources to take my second 5* to rank 5, which would be Blade, but I'm not sure if he would be my best rank up choice. I also have a rank 3 Collosus that I am thinking of taking to rank 4, but I'm not sure if a rank 4 would be best. I dont have a good bleed immune at all so thats why Im considering collosus. Likewise, I'm low on tier 2 alpha so this would be my only rank up for a while. Would Collosus be worth ranking up for his immunities, such as the Crossbones boss in Act 6, or would a rank 5 Blade still be best.

Need help on becoming cavalier... 7 votes

Take duped Blade to rank 5?
CaptainGame 1 vote
Take duped Collosus to rank 4?
Lvernon15JohnLocke117StevieManWonderKing_Leo321TwistedTalentzHieitaku 6 votes


  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 14,474 Guardian
    On the one hand Colossus would be a viable option against the Crossbones boss. On the other hand Crossbones is in 6.1.5, which means you still need to get past the first four maps to reach him. If you think you have enough roster strength to reach 6.1.5, then Colossus. If not, it depends on whether you think you're going to blast through 6.1 quickly or take your time. If you think it will take time to get to 6.1.5, and Blade will help you get there, go Blade.

    Maybe start working on 6.1.1 first, to see how far you can get. If you get stuck along the way, maybe there will be a better rank up choice that will help you get past that point. If you can reach 6.1.5 relatively, those rank up resources aren't going anywhere.
  • TheTrueBeastTheTrueBeast Posts: 234 ★★★
    I recently completes 6.1.1 and used 3 revives, all on the boss. I had full health up to the boss and just had a few bad runs at the boss. Didnt have any trouble getting there though.
  • TheBestinTuakauTheBestinTuakau Posts: 955 ★★★
    I'm working on becoming cavalier as well. I am on 6.1.4, My only bleed immune options for Crossbones are Thing and Darkhawk. In my opinion 6.1.3 is by far the easiest quest I've done so far if you have willpower. I only used 2 revives(on Thing before the boss).
  • Rayven5220Rayven5220 Posts: 18
    Becoming cavalier (I just finished it up yesterday, myself) relies hugely on your roster, and also skill. If you have no counter for CB you won't have any shot, period. But where are you in act 6.1?
    If you haven't gone past 6.1.1 then who's your counter for 6.1.2 Ultron?
    Then CB? Don't forget that 6.1.6 Sentinel, he was worse than Ultron!! I was pretty impatient once I fought him mind you, I just wanted the damn title 😅

    Becoming cavalier isn't just about having 1or 2 do it all champs, by any means. If you don't have the right counters to the bosses I mentioned above, be prepared to spend units.

    Ps: word of advice, do it all sober (provided you drink at all), it will save you units. And don't be afraid to start a quest over either, another thing I hate doing. 😑
  • JohnLocke117JohnLocke117 Posts: 499 ★★★
    Take duped Collosus to rank 4?
    A r4 blade handles 6.1 well. Colossus would be a nice rankup for that Xbones boss who might cost you the most revives otherwise.
    I personally achieved cavalier with a r4 blade too.
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