SUICIDES- double edge or liquid courage or both

HotFondue1520HotFondue1520 Posts: 146
edited March 2020 in General Discussion
So I run just double edge maxed out. I find that with 2 or 3 points in willpower along w 1 or 2 in coagulate allows me to use any champ on my roster (bleed immune or not).

IMO the 5 6 7% health pool loss is absolutely manageable and the attack bonus is worth it. So if I'm either running Corvus or CAPIW etc., I find ways to get by. If I went full suicides and put 3 in liquid courage, my champions who arent poison immune dont give me the same output. (I believe poison debuffs reduce ability accuracy which = reduced healing = reduced etc. etc.)

What do you think? Am I a dummy? Does anyone agree? How many of you still run suicides?


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