Looking to merge and for actives

Casual alliance. Need more active people to join our alliance so we can build and grow. We recently separated from an alliance we merged with and it left a bad taste in our mouth. If we do merge with another alliance there will be no issues making a few officers. Hit me up here or in game. IGN - Bigdawg84


  • Kay_SwayKay_Sway Posts: 130
    Hey dude!!! Let’s have a chat if you haven’t merged yet...add me in line @ Kay.bae
  • looking for 21 players

  • BigdawgBigdawg Posts: 27
    You are welcome to come to our alliance bro. But we are not going to a different alliance again. We were promised things and when time came all of a sudden "they didn't remember saying anything of the sort". We have no problem making a few of you officers in our alliance but we had a good thing going before and are just looking to build it back up. HMU man. Also we don't use line. Add me in game or lmk here. Thx brother!
  • RRK173RRK173 Posts: 84
    edited February 2020
    Still looking for a merge?
  • BigdawgBigdawg Posts: 27
    Yes sir
  • BigdawgBigdawg Posts: 27
    Still looking for actives! We regularly do map 4 and with enough participation we want to be more active in aw. Again line not required. Be active, solo your lines and we would be happy to welcome you to our ranks. Currently 15 spots
  • AethyrosAethyros Posts: 108
    Find me on line: Aethyros
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