Looking for new alli/ 780k rating 9.7 prestige

OkaythenOkaythen Posts: 590 ★★★
Current alliance is stuck in silver 1 and low 1k in AQ ranking
Looking for gold 2-1
Running map 6 few times a week
No map 6 experience but can learn fast
Drop line if recruiting please


  • Hey we are currently looking for one we run map 6 3 times a week and placed gold 1 rank 6 last season we are taking it now to focus on aq for better rewards my in game name is landofgreens if you wanna check us out
  • protectors11protectors11 Posts: 101
    Add me on line: protectors11
    We have exactly what you are looking for
  • Doc_OpsDoc_Ops Posts: 112
    Add me on line at jurassicdrago
  • Doc_OpsDoc_Ops Posts: 112
    We are newer alli but just need to replace some minis now average prestige is 8.4k and we run map 5x5 with a hope to get a map 6 bg together soon. We would love to have you. We will be gold+ this season. Line id is jurassicdrago
  • ArkhamAngelArkhamAngel Posts: 34
    We’re map 6x5 gold 2. Great rewards if you’re interested line ID ArkhamAngel don’t need to be a boss killer just clear your lane.
  • AethyrosAethyros Posts: 108
    Line: Aethyros.
    We’re just what you’re looking for
  • XCripXCrip Posts: 130
    Run 6x5 350M AQ score

    Gold 2

    Line: XCrip
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