Looking for alliance

Looking for strong and active alliance..
Name: invinciblepawan
Lvl: 58
Base hero rating: 258k
Former alliance leader..


  • ljainljain Posts: 11
    Hey, we are aq focused alliance. Map 55444. We were formed 2 months ago and need one player to complete 30. We are very active and looking for an active player. LIne is mandatory. My line id is ljain1. Let me know if you are interested.
  • What's ur alliance name??
  • CarpyCarpy Posts: 95
    Hey look me up
    Ign: [email protected]
    Already sent you friend request
  • AlphaRebelAlphaRebel Posts: 86
    Alpha Rebel from AŁŁ41, I sent ingame request, we do 5x5 aq and currently in t3 aw, have a spot open
  • CobraCobra Posts: 124
  • We play map5x5 and tier 3-4 in AW we are 10mil alliance if you are interested to join let me know here or contact on my line id- vibhavbenare
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