You can join both sides for this months side quest

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I had no issues in choosing a side earlier in the day, and I picked whichever side had the rank up material. Well I checked my stash later and it gave me 2 more of the item that lets you pick a side, so I picked the side with the crystal shards to see what would happen, and now I can play both sides with access to both quests and all the objectives. Is this supposed to happen? Sorry if I broke something, I didn't mean to. Please fix this.


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    edited April 2020
    Same here, didn't mean to do it, please let me know if this is supposed to be like that, I don't want to be banned for a bug that wasn't my fault, I'm really sorry BTW.
  • Hey there, we implemented a fix to resolve this issue. Apologies for any confusion there.
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