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BWCV not life steal vs 6.2 champion final 10%

hello all

i did my 6.2 champion boss back in Feb 20 using ghost trinity and BWCV+GR. the gameplan was to use ghost to clear the easy path and up to final 10% of champion. then finish it off with BWCV

why BWCV? because she can life steal/regen with her sp2 while in blood phase..and that allows for sustainable blocking against champion sp1 and dex the final head butt.

long story short i manage to down champion with that strategy. below link is a sample of how much she regen/life steal (also can look for lagacy video)


recently an alliance mate attempted the same strategy, however BWCV wouldn't life steal/regen at all on that last 10%. he also use BWCV+ GR ..other champs was CG,CAIW and hood

has anyone else experience similar issue? or am i missing and update or synergy that makes bwcv life steal not working..

below link to video of the recent fight

hope can get some answer on this


  • PeaRatPeaRat Posts: 152
    After latest update they changed it.
    In the notes it says it was a bug and she can only regen based on damage dealt. As the attack deals 0 damage she can’t regen anymore.
  • DomoSlomoDomoSlomo Posts: 63

    Since he’s indestructible she’s technically not doing any damage to result in her being able
    To regen
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 3,347 ★★★★
    Sounds to me that back when you did your run with BWCV it was a bug. By right BWCV life steals based on the damage she deals to the opponent, so if she's not dealing damage she won't steal any life.
  • kepalahotakkokepalahotakko Posts: 54
    alright thanks all..didnt realise it was a bug that was going to be resolved
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