Kabam - Please Fix This Already!

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Okay, hitting into the block is kind of essential for Corvus against higher level champions. It's also essential for unawakened Sentinel. I just failed a very promising itemless V3 1.2 run because opponents can STILL THROW SPECIALS WHEN YOU HIT INTO THEIR BLOCK! please just fix this already. You keep putting it off and it's destroying our gameplay.


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    Did my Variant 3 completion a couple weeks ago. This problem caused me a few revives. I really hope it's fixed.
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    But the issue is serious
    Kabam should fix it ASAP
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    It's worst while using namor, namor needs to be aggressive and should always keep hitting the enemy. But while using namor the ai is always launching specials mid combo on the block, even if I'm tapping as fast as possible which does not falter for other champs but fails when using namor.
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    It ruins the ability to capitalize on omega red and his max damage by being close to the oponente hitting into block. Also it’s not just specials they intercept with. Using omega I have been intercepted after my medium dash attack hits their block before my light attack can land I get intercepted. It’s trash and kabam needs to fix it the game played the same for 4 years straight then ever since the update in April 2019 this “bug” has existed. They acknowledged it and still no fixes because it’s consuming items and players have to spend units or money to keep going and then that’s just more money for them. They want us to adapt instead of fixing the game to the way it was for 4 years!
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    Real fun when you are playing against Thing 😄
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