Summoners, earlier today a notification for a Guardians of the Galaxy gift was delivered to some Summoners. This was done by accident, and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

LF Active Players for AQ Focused Ally. Maps 4 and 5. Can Accommodate groups.

Laid back alliance looking for players who want to focus on AQ. We want to run maps 544 x 5 at a MINIMUM when full, so 6k - 7k prestige is ideal. Must be able to handle maps 4 and 5. must clear lanes in a timely manner. War is optional. Line app is optional as long as you are active. 13 spots open. HMU LINE ID: edgecrusher1 IG: 《SCATHA》 OR Alliance Leader- LINE: JBEEZEEE1 IG: jbeezeee

Alliance: Co-op Apocalypse Tag: 4YRSO


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