Archangel vs Omega Red?

I recently pulled another 4-Star Shard Crystal due to the numerous Special Events and Quests and I received 4-Star Omega Red. I am using Colossus primarily despite Archangel unlocking Signature Ability and allowing me to increase his higher than Colossus.

For those not familiar with either Champion I will include a list of their Abilities.

Archangel: Concussion, Heal-Block, Bleed with Poison plus Neurotoxin Damage, Stun and most importantly; Offensive Ability Accuracy Immunity.

Omega Red: Life-Steal, Power Steal, Degeneration, Unblockable and Poison Immune with 80% Bleed Resistance.

If these two Champions were to fight I'd automatically assume Omega Red would out-match Arachangel based off his Immunity and Resistances blocking a large portion of Archangel's Abilities while consistently sapping at his Health via Death Spores with Degeneration. Regardless with additional Synergies from teammates, Archangel has many favorable match-ups of his own.

Other possibilities include Iceman, Namor, Cable and Rogue. While briefly experimenting with Emma Frost within Incursions - I have immediately fell in love with some of her Abilities and was impressed with her Defense being superior to that of Invisible Woman while within Diamond Form. It's currently a toss-up however I have some time until the next Mutant Catalyst Event to prioritize Champions for upgrading.

Archangel vs Omega Red? 8 votes

Batman_SinsOfAFatherBonzodavidFluffy_paws 3 votes
Omega Red
MoosetiptronicAlexAvalonMightyMitch 3 votes
Other (Comment)
Emma Frost
LovekSupperHero4Sales 2 votes


  • MightyMitchMightyMitch Posts: 41
    Omega Red
    I would easily say omega red because of his death spores and degen
  • MightyMitchMightyMitch Posts: 41
    Omega Red
    I would easily say omega red because of his death spores and degen
  • Fred_JoeityFred_Joeity Posts: 1,168 ★★★
    edited April 2020
    Is OR duped? Do you run suicides? Overall, OR is probably more useful since bleed and/or poison immunity cripples Archangel, while OR is 1 of the best champions for bleed and poison nodes, as well as bypasses most immunities. However, he is somewhat reliant on being duped, and less effective if you don’t have suicides.
  • Agent_X_zzzAgent_X_zzz Posts: 4,390 ★★★★★
    Omega if awakend and have high sig and suicides if no suicdes and not awakend defintley AA
  • Emma Frost
    I have Archangel with Signature Ability however Omega Red is without as I only received him yesterday. If I can get rewarded a Mutant Awakening Gem then I'd love to spend it on him.

    Any input on Emma Stone or Cable? Certainly Namor and Iceman have certain qualities that could make them ideal for Variants or other end-game content. Who are the top Mutant-Class Champions if not Archangel? I'm hoping that I can switch Classes and be rewarded with Science-Class considering AntMan and Captain America (Infinity War) are my only 4-Stars within Science (AntMan is Awakened) although I do have 5-Star Yellow Jacket.
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