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Void Visual Bug?

@Kambam Mike

I was going through 5.3.6 and faced a King Groot hoping to reverse his regen instead something wack happened and I basically got clipped a few times. Fear of the void wasn't triggering and he managed to remove the buffs after gaining a fury?

Sorry for the lag in the start of the video.



  • Mrspider568Mrspider568 Posts: 1,989 ★★★
    King Groot purifies debuff at a cost of 1 fury buffs thats why it didnt trigger
  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,868 ★★★★
    You can apply Intimidating Presence debuffs, but only when King Groot doesn't have a fury. If you have an L1, save it for the cooldown cycle.
  • 10or_Strong10or_Strong Posts: 1,063 ★★★
    No bug. King Groot's mechanic of using furies to purify debuffs makes him a less than ideal match up for Void, but as previously mentioned you can work around this by using your SP1 during the phase he has regen rather than fury.
  • CupidCupid Posts: 23
    Looks like a bug to me. Fotv should have activated before the furies
  • BendyBendy Posts: 2,042 ★★★★
    People who saying kg purifies the debuffs yes its true but as u can see all 6 are placed and the timer for the next keeps going and going and the fury then just keeps removing 1 even though it should have turned into fov seems like a bug for sure as timer should have converted them without fail even if fury buffs active on kg
  • OkaythenOkaythen Posts: 590 ★★★
    Seems like a weird interaction
    FORV is passive so the activation on the opponent should not be affected
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