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If Kabam creates a champion, is that then an official Marvel character?



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    VulcanM wrote: »

    Kabam has only created 3 characters (Guillotine, Morningstar, and Civil Warrior). To the best of my knowledge, they have only appeared in the Contest of Champions comic book.

    i think venom the duck, and aegon are also created by them?

    Ahh yeah, and probably Symbiote Supreme. Sometimes a character is only a character for a game. Heck, they had all those combo characters like Unstoppable Ant and those aren't ever likely to become "official" Marvel characters.

    To be fair, there actually is a symbiote possessed Doctor Strange in the Multiverse. So I wouldn't coun't him though.

    symbiote supreme is actually Doctor Voodoo though
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    I’m no softie but an Aegon carina movie would be really cool. That epic love story with some comedy and really sick action.
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    I sincerely apologize for being such an idiot with my squirrel girl comment
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    Guillotine appeared in a marvel official comic book if I recall
    All mystics were conjuring a spell
    Strange, scarlet, voodoo, magik, guillotine, hellstprm were present
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